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I see you sitting on the dock,
looking out to sea
But I'm the one with the boat,
so come along with me
You love the life you're living in,
but now you're on the way
To Satan's fiery pit of hell,
the sentence there to stay

Throw away your morals
throw them to the ocean
Come along with me
Come and sail away
Hell can wait another day
We're drowning in the boat
And the Devil has eternity
to melt away

We'll travel across this sea of night,
across the ocean blue
And ride the waters to the light
that lead me back to you
Soaring on these water clear,
crashes in the sand
With the path that's set before us,
I know just where we'll land

(Psalm 106: 39-46)
They worshipped their idols
Which became a snare to them
They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons
They shed innocent blood
The blood of their sons and daughters
Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Caanan
And the land was desecrated by their blood
They defiled themselves by what they did
By their deeds they prostituted themselves
Therefore the Lord was angry with his people
And abhorred his inheritance
He handed them over to the nations
To those who ruled over them
Their enemies oppressed them and subjected them to their power
Many times he delivered them, but they were bent on rebellion
And they wasted away in their sin

(Psalms 106: 48)
It caused them to pitied by all those who held them captive


from Not Sexy Anymore, released January 30, 2015



all rights reserved


The Sexy Einsteins Texas

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